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Welcome To The Animal Smart Pet Franchise Opportunity


Here you can access the Very Best Pet Franchise Opportunity currently available and grow a long term lucrative business working with the animals you love.

Run your own business - Gain flexibility and financial freedom


Animal Smart was founded by Rachael after she decided to leave her well paid career in as a senior Veterinary Nurse in order to gain control over her life, income and freedom. Rachael is passionate about what she does and goes above and beyond to deliver.

As an Animal Smart franchisee, we provide you with everything you need to operate a profitable low cost home based pet franchise that can be operated on a part time or full time basis. Operating a this business you will be entering a multi billion pound a year industry.

If you are looking to earn an extra income or build a super full time business you are in the right place and best of all you will have loads of fluffy cuddles while you do it!

Check out the highlights of running an Animal Smart pet franchise below...


The team behind Animal Smart have a life time of animal care experience and a 25 years of working in animal industry as well as 15 years supporting franchisees. This know how and combined experience is now available for you to access and grow your own profitable business.


Gain access to animal training created and approved by veterinary professionals making you a stand out best in show pedigree. The business tool kits you will be provided with have been tried and tested by hundreds of franchisees and seen the growth of successful businesses.


You would benefit from having the guidance and support from industry experts. You will gain access to a business success toolkit that includes proven marketing & sales methods, how to retain customers and maximize profits. You will also receive comprehensive initial training, robust operational systems and on going support to help grow your business.


With around 40% of UK households owning a pet and operating in a multi billion pound industry we are delighted to offer you a business model that can be implemented in your area for to you start profiting from. This home based pet franchise opportunity is now available to you.



You decide if you operate this business part time or full time. You get to take control of your future as we share with you a business that has huge growth potential. This will be your business to develop around your lifestyle and at the speed that suits you. Giving you total flexibility and control over your own life.


As an Animal Smart franchisee you will be working in an industry that you are passionate about, operating your own business, working the hours that suit you. You will be making a real difference to pets and pet owners in your local community. You will love There's no greater sense of pride than achieving your own success doing something you love.


Running your own business is not for everyone and therefore it is essential we find the right person with the right characteristics to join our growing franchise network.

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to drive the brand forward and along the way build a profitable and successful business for yourself.

As long as you have a passion for animals, you don’t need to have any other experience as full training and support is provided to take you from complete novice, to a confident Animal Smart business owner, but we do require your commitment to the cause.

We are looking for individuals with the following characteristics...

Has a passion for animals
Highly driven
Have a strong desire to succeed
Ambitious and determined
Nice, friendly and enjoys talking to people

Superstar Qualities

Great, so by reaching this page you must be confident that you have the characteristics we are looking for in an Animal Smart franchisee.

Now we want to give you even more information about what you will need to be super successful as a franchisee.


You need to take all the information we provide you with. If you are going to sit there and expect your business to suddenly spring into life without working hard and implementing everything we share with you, you need to close down this web page because this business is not for you.

Likewise if you are the sort of person that gives up the first time things get difficult, then maybe you need to consider this carefully. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.


You need to commit time to your business. Whether you are looking at running the business part time or full time the business will only work if you dedicate your time to the cause. This pet care business can achieve an extra part time income or fantastic full time earnings, however to achieve this you have to follow our guidance and agree to do your part.

Our team are on hand to assist you every step of the way because we want to see you succeed.


You need to be friendly, outgoing and most importantly be enthusiastic about your business. You will be delivering high quality pet care, you will need dedication to provide an outstanding service. Sharing your enthusiasm will drive your business forward. If you struggle with customer service, then running this business might not be for you.

Here at Animal Smart all potential franchisees go through a stringent recruitment process that is aimed to identify whether we are right for each other.

We are excited about what the future will hold for our franchisees. And we would love for you to be part of that excitement. We want individuals who want to achieve and keep achieving. People who go beyond what is, and deliver what could be.

If this sounds like you then you could be a superstar Animal Smart business owner.

Check Availability

Availability of territories are limited, therefore if this pet franchise opportunity is of interest you need to check availability ASAP. Check your area is available now. Fill your details in below and we’ll get back to you straight away with your local availability.



One of our team will be delighted to speak with you 1:1 to provide you with even more information and go through any questions you may have. They will explain to you exactly how the model works allowing you to make an informed decision over your future.

To request a discovery call click here


What you earn is entirely up to YOU.

In this day and age, the only people who KNOW they are financially secure are those that are in control of their own destiny.

One of the benefits of running your own pet franchise is the more you put in the more you get out - it is completely up to you how fast you want to achieve your long-term ambitions. Franchisees will grow their business slightly differently depending on their individual circumstances, but the numbers will depend on your drive to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Knowing that by building a loyal customer base of clients that will use you time and time again puts you in great control of your finances.

This pet business is operated from home, with very few fixed costs, meaning you can pick it up and put it down whenever you want which gives you total flexibility to operate this business around your other commitments if you wish.

Whether you choose to operate this business part time or full time is entirely up to you, all we ask is that you work hard, follow all advice shared and achieve a level of income that fulfills both our expectations.

For a full financial overview simply request a free information pack, and inside you will see a breakdown of financial projections so you can consider your ongoing costs and projected profits.

What is Included

The Animal Smart pet franchise will offer you many of the key fundamentals that are the driving reasons why you are looking in the first place;


huge demand, great earning potential


The flexibility is one of the main reasons why our franchisees choose this business


nothing beats running your own show, the sense of achievement you will get as your
business grows is like no other…… AND the feeling of helping people care for their pets, seeing wagging tails and loud meows


part time, start small and build up, operate in a management style and scale up -you decide
If you’d like to...

  • Add serious money to your monthly family budget
  • . Work from home
  • . Achieve a perfect balance between work and family life
  • Operate a business with no stock, no ongoing costs
  • Be in complete control of your future, answerable to nobody
  • Gain a sense of well being and satisfaction like no other..

YOU ARE going to love this

We also have a list what we call our “Key Business Elements” which we think is invaluable to anyone thinking of starting a business:


For any business to be successful, having a service that people actual want and need is crucial. The pet industry is huge with billions being spent each year.

No Stock

Stock takes up space, cash and capital - but you don't have any with Animal Smart (other than a small box of marketing materials and uniform).

No Premises or Leases

You run it from your computer at home, or your IPhone - its that flexible.


You’re not tied to the telephone or stuck in an office day to day or have to worry about staying in touch with your clients Animal Smart . You are the business so we have taken a lot of the repetitive office tasks away from you.

Low Cost

Who wants to pay 15, 20 or even 30 thousand pounds for a business when you can pay much less than that. This business offers a low initial franchise investment when you consider the income available from this huge market.

Minimal Financial Risk

It is a proven business model that continues to sore as the pet industry is booming

Rapid Payback

Franchisees can recoup their initial investment in the first year and by year 2 you could be enjoying the peace of mind that comes with an impressive turnover.

Respectability and Credible Brand

Let’s face it if you don’t have this you are going to struggling from the start. Animal Smart are proud to be a recognized growing brand, respected in local areas for high quality pet care.

The Honest Truth:

Many businesses may manage to incorporate a few of these massive benefits: These financial and essential Key Business Elements . These are magic ingredients that offer up not just a formula for success...but an actual recipe of success…

The Animal Smart pet franchise offers ALL 8 of the points listed….. If you are not interested in this business that is OK….but make sure what ever you are interested in does incorporate as many of these as possible …you may even get lucky and find the set…who knows…. or you can take the time to read this section again….. and think carefully about what this opportunity really does offer you…..


The Benefits

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We genuinely want to do all that we can do to support you and help your business become as profitable as possible.

This is why we provide you with, what we believe to be the best business opportunity on the market today that not only includes everything that makes us stand out from a crowd, but also the following essential business tools for you to succeed.

Check out the list below of everything you will receive with this pet franchise…..you will gain access to proven marketing methods, systems, software and all the operational documentation you require to run a successful business.

Business Operations

– You are taught the key fundamentals of operating a successful Animal Smart business.

– You receive comprehensive training on systems, processes and software.

- You will complete various pet courses as part of your initial and ongoing training.

– Don’t worry if you need assistance because we are always on hand to assist you at any point in the future.

Marketing Know-How

– We will teach you proven strategies to help you develop a profitable business from home. Our team have generated tens of thousands of pounds using the same strategies you will gain access to.

– You will receive full offline marketing materials, you simply have to follow our guidance and implement, if you do that you will be astonished with how much business you generate.

– We have a team who manages all your online strategies, from website optimization to PPC campaigns and social media support, so you can focus on converting new clients and delivering an outstanding service.

Robust Support

– You have 24/7 access to our online support material. In here you will find everything you need to operate your business including, operations manual, marketing templates, & materials, client contracts, employment handbooks, health and safety, operational procedures and much more.

– You will receive constant ongoing training, including regular 1 to 1 reviews and development sessions, group webinar training, email and telephone support to help you achieve success.

– You can contact our Head Office team and they will always be on hand to provide you with the support you need.

Starter Package

We want you to have all the tools you need to get off to a great start, therefore we have a comprehensive franchise package for you.

As part of your initial investment of £8995 you will receive:

– Rights to Use the Animal Smart brand

– Exclusive Territory to operate in

– Operations Manual

– Full Business Training by Head Office

- Ongoing Support

– Branch Website created for you

- Page within National Website

- Social Media

- Animal Smart Branch Email

- Marketing Programme

– Launch Marketing Pack

- Google My Business

- Vehicle Livery

- Professionally Branded Banner for use at local events

– Branded Clothing

– Bespoke Operational Software and Client Management Platform

– 24/7 access to support materials, training resources, business templates and operational documents

- Animal Smart Animal First Aid Course

- Animal Smart Pet Sitter Course

- Animal Smart Caring for Pets with Illness Courses

- A substantial launch marketing campaigns to super charge the launch of your business

Check Availability

Availability of territories are limited, therefore if this franchise opportunity is of interest you need to check availability ASAP. Check your area is available now. Fill your details in below and we’ll get back to you straight away with your local availability.



One of our team will be delighted to speak with you 1:1 to provide you with even more information and go through any questions you may have. They will explain to you exactly how the model works allowing you to make an informed decision over your future.

To request a discovery call click here

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Full Time or Part Time Opportunity:

This opportunity is available on a part time or full time basis to suit your requirements. Looking to improve your lifestyle and gain a better work life balance this is for you

High Growth Franchise Opportunity :

With around 40% of UK households owning a pet we are delighted to offer you a business model that can be implemented in your area for to you start profiting from.

Flexible Opportunity:

Looking to escape the 9-5 run your own business with Animal Smart. You are the boss you choose the hours you work

Limited Availability:

Availability of territories are limited, therefore if this pet franchise opportunity is of interest you need to check availability ASAP


Key Factors of what is available here:

Own A Business In A Growth Sector

Work From Home

Low Cost Opportunity

Rapid Payback

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